Commercial/Industrial Actress

Suzanna has over 20 years' experience as a commercial / industrial actor -- both in front of the camera and for audio-only (voice-over) projects.

As a former radio & television personality, Suzanna has honed her ability to authentically deliver your message -- whether the tone is erudite and educated or compassionate and kind.  Her reassuring authority and lively, upbeat persona invites viewers in and keeps them engaged. Interview subjects know they're in capable hands with Suzanna guiding the interview and are automatically at ease with her leading the conversation.  

Suzanna has voiced and appeared in numerous TV and radio commercials and provided corporate narration and on-camera instruction for E-Learning videos and edutainment pieces.


To see an example, click on the video. 

“I worked with Suzanna when she was our talent at FOX/KSAS. She was always very poised, took directions well, and brought good ideas for the mini segments she hosted between programing. She made my job of producing her segments fun and easy.” Penny Lamb, KAKE TV Sales Promotion Manager

“Talent, presence, great voice, and look, Suzanna Mathews has it all!  She has taken those gifts and used them to form an authoritative, credible, educated, yet friendly style of delivery, that has greatly enhanced countless video and television projects.” Anthony Powell, Voice-Over Actor and Former News Anchor